The cursor is blinking and demanding attention as your hands grip the keyboard with a vice-like pressure to get writing – but nothing comes out of it! You try for ten minutes straight without any success at all; then suddenly something clicks in an effortless manner which allows ideas and topics to flow onto paper like water over rocks (or maybe even better). So, you’ve been there before and you need some weird writing prompts to help you out.

I’ve compiled a list of ten creative plus weird writing prompts that will get your imagination flowing.

So gather yourself because we’re about to embark on an exciting journey through creativity together with weird writing prompts.

Weird Writing Prompts

Everyone’s turning into Animals

Your current world becomes an animal. Think about the people in your life who have been Special cows for you lately – or ostriches. If that’s more their speed! Which ones are chickens? And what about all those other creatures running around out there.

Which one is a zebra? A horse maybe?”

How does it Help?

The animal analogy is a great tool for turning your attention to the events in life and seeing them from an alternative perspective. Think about something important that happened recently, or maybe even some personal experiences you’ve had over time- turn these events on their head with this new lens! A story can take many forms; it’s up to you what kind of beastly creature makes its way into publishable pieces (or not).

Analogies provide helpful inspiration when looking at things through different eyes – just remember: There aren’t limits here because everything has its own personality so feel free to explore all options before settling down as only one type.

Write Shopping Experience for Your Hypothetical Grandma

Grandma’s birthday is an hour away and you realize that your gift needs something special. You’ve been looking through old photo albums, trying to find pictures of happy moments with her when she was young but all the good ones are in black-and-white! It seems like this will be difficult so what do have time for?

A quick search online brings up some really cute sites where you have made memories books out of small formats such as letter size paper. This would make creating one easier than ever before–maybe even fun too since it can take different forms depending on who does them – let’s go check these.

This weird writing prompt will also help you come up with trending article ideas such as a buying guide or more.

How Does It Help?

You can always use a list to help you get the perfect gift. This time, I went shopping for my dad and it reminded me of when we were kids trying to find something nice enough that our moms wouldn’t tell us not too long ago- maybe those memories will come flooding back if this prompts some old chestnuts from your past!

The possibilities are endless with gifting. Why not create an easy guide on what items particular men might like?

You Wake Up In A Jail Cell

The officer leads you down the hall, and into a room with two detectives. They stand as soon as they see your face; one pointing his finger at me while speaking rapid-fire Spanish. “You don’t know what he’s saying,” you try to explain through watery eyes “but it doesn’t matter because now there are three of us!”  The man gripping your wrist tightens his grip before either detective can ask any questions.

How Does It Help?

You think of something out of the box which is normally not so common. This way, it helps you bring something new to the papers. It is also best for setting up a click-bait title of your story.

Wolves Are Here

You’ve just finished brushing your teeth when you hear a noise from outside. You look through the window that is visible. There are wolves standing around looking at nothing in particular with their ears perked up and eyes glowing bright red like fireflies on summer’s Eve. It must be so cold out there for them – but what were those creatures watching?

Is this some sort of wild animal service alert or did someone call these guys over (maybe even human) because something needs fixing?”

How Does It Help?

Let’s take this one step further. What if we turned the tables on Mowgli and made him into our own jungle master?

The possibilities are endless when you’re in charge of your own story!

Your Mother Is Missing

You pace back and forth, worrying about your mom. You decide to go check on her anyway since she never gets late or answers when there’s a problem at home. It must just be some sort of family matter that has prevented them from coming today. Maybe something happened while they were out doing errands?

The man in a dark suit arrives before you can finish thinking through all possible scenarios.

He knocks twice then stands aside allowing only enough space for him AND YOUR MOTHER (or father) inside together…

Now, it is your chance to start writing about different possibilities.

You See a Murderer Hitchhiker

When you see a hitchhiker up on your mountain, the first thing that comes to mind is probably murder. You have no idea why they’re there or what their fate will be once I get done with them but one thing’s for sure – it won’t involve any conversation!

Now, think of the ways to end this story or even start it with a different angle and come up with brand new ideas.

You Find a Weird Notice in Library’s Novel

As you are browsing the library’s graphic novels, your eyes land on one with a bright blue cover. You open up to see if it will be worth reading and get even more excited when there is an orange paper slip tucked inside! It seems like someone wrote their name in black cursive writing on this note, which makes them seem really important or at least trusted by whoever sent these things.

While you are thinking who that could be, your father WhatsApps you something weird which you cannot open due to internet issues.

Take some time to figure out who it could be or what is the purpose of placing it here. You will surely get out of your writer’s block and start writing. This could also be a new journey for you to start your blog which revolves around these small mysteries.

You Are Starting Your Own Business.

If you want to start your own business, what should it be? A lip gloss company or maybe a coffee shop with the perfect vegan and gluten-free goods for those who avoid these ingredients. You could even deliver monthly packages of plants!

There are so many options open when writing down your dream come true on paper. From books, in every genre imaginable all flavors of tea are available at once (including some organic varieties). Plus something else: if this is too much work now but still heartily desire later down the line remember that starting small can often lead up bigger things.

You’ve Been Living An Average Life Till That Day

You’ve been living an average life up until today, your 20th birthday. You just found out that on top of everything else you’re also a royal plate Chemical Weapons expert with aspirations to be the next James Bond (or at least take over dad’s criminal empire). It seemed like such a calm and ordinary day until this big news came crashing through our doors.

This is one of the best and weird writing prompts that will get you back at filling documents.

Everyone’s Gone!

The morning after a snowstorm, you make your way outside and slowly start to realize that everyone has disappeared.

Think what you’d do if it actually happened.

Key Takeaways

The best part about weird writing prompts is that you never know where it’s going to take your story. You could start out with a sci-fi snippet and end up writing childhood memories, or think yourself crafting free verse poetry only for the result to become short stories instead!





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