What You Do…

Launch a Mission

Pick your mission… Test Flight (10 articles), Moon Mission (100 articles) or Mars Mission (1000 articles). Provide your site URL and suggested keywords. Add the email provided with Author or Editor access.

Sit Back & Buckle Up

There is nothing for you to do while we work away on the content. Sit back buckle up and wait in anticipation for the content to be launched. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait long.

Enjoy the Launch

The content will be either uploaded to draft or published on your site (your choice). You will be provided with status updates in the Mission Control (aka – your account area on RocketContent.ai)

What We Do…

Keyword Research

Our launch plan is created by comparing your site to other weaker related sites. We find weaker rocket ships flying higher and “steal” their fuel!

Content Creation

Our human writers go through extensive training to use the latest AI writing & SEO tools transforming themselves into Cyborg content creators. They create content that ranks!

Content Publish

This is where RocketContent really shines! Custom blog image creation, proper SEO formatting and even adding in your affiliate links with a proper CTA! Impossible?

Rocket Content is Perfect For…

Tight BudgetsTesting a New NicheLow Priority Affiliate SiteNeglected Sites

Tailored Solution

Lets state the obvious… OF COURSE the content is not going to the be the same quality as content produced with a robust editorial process. However, this content will rank anyway! It can be an incredibly cost effective way to test out a new site or niche, create a new cluster of content on an existing site or reinvest economically in a neglected site before spending a lot of money.

Use Rocket Content to get lift off with a site/cluster and then use an editor to bring the articles up to your standards. You can achieve results more efficiently by only editing articles that get traction and more cost effective (combined price for quality content that is ranking). Only invest in the editing once you have seen lift off.

See Examples Here

Does it Work?

What Does Launching Look Like?

This strategy has been used to see some massive early success. These results are just from the last few months…

  • 100% Growth in 1 Month on a Neglected Affiliate Site
  • Explosive Growth with 300 Articles Published on an Expired Domain
See Examples Here

Mission Options

What are your goals with your site? Looking for a little test flight first? A BIG Moon Mission or channeling your inner Elon and shooting for Mars?

* Mars Mission is only available to approved clients who have completed a Test Mission or Moon Mission

Contact Mission Control

Content Quality?

The content is very Rankable, Scannable (sub-headings human created) and Reasonably Readable with proper grammar but it DOES NOT match what a high quality content a team produces with a Strategist, Writer, Editor and Publisher.

What Our Clients Say

“We are happy with your services and look forward to those articles ranking.”

Franklin M

“I am quite happy so far. I am very much interested to see how these articles perform over the coming months. I may in fact order more!”

Steven C
“Yes, satisfied with services. Love how hands off it is for me.”
Shawna N
“So far my experience with you has been great, so I imagine you’ll just hear more of that as we continue!”
Bill S
“The process was seamless and the articles, quickly skimmed, seem pretty good. Just watching and waiting now!”
Tyson S
“Using your service on a site with authority is a good way to test performance. One cluster of articles did particularly well. Got picked up by an investor website and got traction from there. Links and traffic! Thanks!”
Jacob M
“Thank you for this set of articles. I took a quick look, and they look great. I am surprised to get such high quality from
an AI-service.”
Sudhir N
“Overall, it was a wonderful experience of using your services and in the future, we will use them again.”
Jason M

We Use a Full Payload of Tools…

We Use a Full Payload of Tools…

Want to discuss your sites mission?

If you have any questions about the service or understand if it is right for you.

Contact Mission Control