The art of content writing is not an easy task. You have to constantly develop new topics for content writing so that your readers can stay engaged. Never become formulaic since blogging about the same subject gets dull and turns readers off.

By giving off apathy vibes so make sure there’s always something new happening within each article. But this isn’t only difficult mentally. It takes skill too, which many writers lack nowadays due to their lack of experience outside school hours.

We’ve all had writer’s block at some point. But don’t worry because we’ve come up with 10 amazing topics for your article. Let me introduce them:

1. Mythbusters

In an age of disinformation, giving factual information might gain you your readers’ confidence. In content marketing or any other field that requires professional knowledge, debunking myths may help people realize your value. Everyone wants proof, therefore mentioning something particular about the specialty improves trustworthiness.

2. Listicle

Laundry lists are one of the most common types of content because they allow readers to know what will be included in their article before reading. This makes it easier for people who don’t enjoy long posts or articles but want information quickly to decide where/how this info should go into other formats like Facebook ass!

3. Trends

The world is changing rapidly, and there are many topics to write about. However, trends make for great reading because people have already started talking about them in their social circles and online through various media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. It’s always a good idea when you’re looking into what new topic(s) might work best with your writing style-if it interests YOU too!

4. Hack and Trade Secrets

Hacks and trade secrets are helpful pointers you get from someone who has deep domain expertise in the field. The difference between hacks/trade secrets versus “tips” depends mainly upon the context where one finds themselves within their career path.

5. Tutorials

You should publish numerous how-to guides to give your customers step-by-step assistance on using specific features as a brand. This is an excellent content format because it tackles customers’ search intent directly without beating around the bush with unnecessary information or trying too hard in general, just giving people what they want.

6. Controversies

Jason Fried is a master of creating conversations about controversial topics. His talks and blog posts have triggered heated debate, but they also bring attention to overlooked issues that many would prefer to remain hidden from view.

The way he does this involves first eurosceptic heterodox opinions before bringing them back into the light as well-needed perspectives on company culture or management techniques.

7. SEO Content

The best way to get your content the attention it deserves is by listening closely and letting people interested in what you have offered to tell us how we should write about them. Check Google Webmaster Tools for any new keywords that may redirect our website to avoid missing out on traffic because of lackadaisical blogging efforts.

8. Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand their pain points better. It allows for an engaging experience, which can lead them down the conversion funnel while establishing brand reliability by showcasing successes like yours.

9. Parodies

If you’re looking for something more light-hearted, consider writing in a humorous or satirical tone. Sarah Cooper’s article on 10 Tricks To Appear Smart During Meetings shows how this can be done while keeping your audience engaged with interesting content.

10. Advice

If you’ve got skills, knowledge, or experience that people would love to read about on a blog, then, by all means, share your story. Whether it is the good times and bad moments in an entrepreneurial journey or how someone reached their goal of being at the top-of-three pyramid, these types of posts resonate with readers because they can relate (sometimes quite personally) while also learning new things along the way.


Content writing is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. It can be challenging to develop new and exciting content ideas. But we’ve provided you with a list of 10 great topics to get you started. These topics will help you create engaging and informative blog posts that will capture your audience’s attention and drive traffic to your website or blog.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your next content piece today.

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