If you’ve been stuck on a writing project, don’t worry! There are various ways you can use to get inspired. This article will help you with pointers to motivate yourself. Try these 15 tips on how to get ideas for writing; when things get tough and your creative process stalls, they may turn it back into an unstoppable force that leaves those around them in awe. 

Set deadlines

The best motivator is a due date for each chapter and completing the first draft, so set them! You can also pretend this is working with your client. Get that story down before editing too much later when we’ve had enough time to practice thinking critically about every detail while still enjoying ourselves during the creative process.


Do you have a spot in mind that’s away from distractions and offers the perfect atmosphere for writing? If not, find one! Write sessions are all about creating an environment where we can be creative without outside interference. Turn off your phone so it doesn’t become another source of stress when thinking creatively; if music isn’t helping at first but seems more like an annoyance than inspiration, do not turn its volume up because this could make things difficult later on down the line.

Avoid Distraction

If your writing space is too distracting, clear out some room for productivity by eliminating all distractions. You may want to turn off the music or any other stimulating sounds to focus on the task at hand and create an atmosphere where ideas can flow freely without being distracted constantly!

Get a Written Routine

Start a written habit to increase your productivity. Get into the routine of writing regularly with time management skills and set aside specific hours for it every day, just like you would any other meeting! Honor these appointments because they are as important in life- whether on paper or online–and show up at their computer screens promptly no matter what.”

Avoid Procrastination

It is a well-known fact that writers procrastinate. The process of writing can be challenging and sometimes even seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to stay this way for you! You are capable enough as an individual with a drive to create your bestseller; all the work put into starting one will pay off if done right away (or at least before too many other projects take over). So stop saying “I’ll write tomorrow” because there isn’t any reason why not today should suffice – especially considering how much time passes by while waiting until later on when things might become more hectic again.

Join a Writing Group

To get more out of your writing, join a group and make it count. You’ll be accountable to other people in the same boat as you – but don’t worry about inspiration or anything like that! The point is just hard work with someone else who’s going through similar struggles so we can share advice for free (or low cost). There are tons around NaNoWriMo: National November Writing Month where everyone commitments themselves during November 1st-50k words each per person every day until our target.

Take a Break

Sometimes, we need to break from our writing routine not to feel so repetitive and boring. Getting some fresh air will do wonders! If that doesn’t work, try doing something else creative like taking care of your body with exercise or listening to podcasts while tapping into other ideas may trigger inspiration which means you should get back onto the keyboard when ready. There are always more stories waiting just below those surface thoughts – good luck finding them without knowing where they are hiding first.

Change Environment

The best way to get out of a creative rut is by changing where you work. Not only will it give your mindset some much-needed variety, but it also takes away any distractions that might be holding back inspiration for writing! Instead, spend time at coffee shops or libraries; maybe even try people watching – there may just come an idea as soon as we see what other people do with their lives.

Divert Your Attention

Sometimes, you need to switch directions and force your brain into thinking of something else before getting started again. This is especially true when we stall out during the middle of writing projects because changing what we’re working on can refresh our thoughts–or even inspire new ideas! If creativity seems lost after extended periods without outputting anything onto paper, try switching styles: maybe go from novel-writing mode back over short story territory? 

Write Prompts

When you’re feeling stuck, try writing prompts. A fun way to find motivation is by using the power of stories and writing them down on paper or into an app like Storybird for more creative flair! You can also get inspired from reading newspapers/magazines, which will provide excellent material that’s just waiting in vain-worthy condition.

Find Inspiration

Many people might think they don’t have ideas, but I bet there are plenty out there already; all we need is the inspiration to do anything new nowadays.

Reward Your Efforts

When you reach a milestone, reward yourself with something nice. If writing is your passion and livelihood, keep at it every day. Even on those bad days when nothing else seems worth doing because I know from experience how hard this job can sometimes be, so don’t forget to take care of Yourself First before anything else happens naturally.

Create a Reading Culture

Reading is an excellent way to relax and get inspiration for your writing. There are so many books out there that will suit any genre or mood, and it’s hard not to find one you like! Reading can serve as entertainment and mental stimulation; absorbed in a good story with characters we care about from start-to give ourselves something new each time – what more could anyone want?

Remember Your Inspiration

Remember when you start to write again after a break, or even if this is just for fun and not working on an assignment- remember why we began in the first place. It’ll help keep our motivation high!

Set a Goal

This may sound cliche, but I always find myself coming back with renewed focus whenever my mind starts to wander because there’s no set goal at stake.

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