We all know the importance of connecting with customers and potential clients. But how do you get their attention? Email marketing is one way that has proven effective for businesses large or small, in any industry! With an ROI rate northwards at $44 per dollar spent on your email campaigns alone (and no matter what type they are), there’s never been more reason than now to invest time into finding new ways to connect through this medium — whether the target audience prefers mobile devices over desktops; tablets over laptops—you’ll find exactly where people will see them most often thanks solely due to these days’ technology trends. In this article, we will read to figure out the answer for How Much To Charge For Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing?

If you’re looking to boost your annual revenue by building an email list of subscribers, look no further than the power and convenience that comes with using marketing software like autoresponders. With these tools, it is easy for anyone who wants their name or business listed in one place regularly so they can be reached at any time!

Email marketing is a powerful tool for staying in touch with your customers and building relationships. With email, you can: 

  • Email Marketing is a great way to build your customer list. 
  • You can promote brand recognition, and encourage new and repeat customers by linking back to the website for more information on what’s going down here at our company! 
  • Email marketing will also create loyal enthusiasts who want regular updates from you without breaking any budgets or sending out too many emails that may be spammy (like some other forms of social media). 

So how much should someone expect? Keep reading below…

How Much To Charge For Email Marketing

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

If a business wants to be successful, they need an email marketing strategy. On average it costs $9-$1k per month if you do self-managed campaigns or 300 dollars for agencies with more subscribers on their list – but what does this mean? That depends entirely upon how often your company sends out emails and which platform(s) will help them reach potential customers most efficiently!

The goal of every successful email marketing campaign is to retain customers and build relationships with them. You must use tactics like scheduled newsletters or social media posts that will help you reach this end destination faster by reminding past visitors as well as potential ones about your website, giving incentives for coming back often (like freebies), and increasing brand awareness among all demographics via e-mail campaigns designed specifically around customer interests…

When you stay on your customers’ minds, they are more likely to buy from you when it comes time for them to make a purchase.

80% of marketers spend between 0-20%. It’s recommended you dedicate 16%, but the amount will depend on your budget and goals. The average marketing expense is around 15% so this means that 82 percent do not put any effort into email campaigns—which can be considered one way for companies to reach their target audience with valuable information about new products or services they offer!

  • Annual revenue
  • Percentage of the overall revenue generated online
  • Your industry
  • The product/service you sell
  • Your overall digital marketing goals

You’ll need to choose an email marketing budget that works for your company and goals. That being said, it’s one of the most cost-effective strategies available with a high ROI — $44 per dollar spent! Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to communicate with your customers.

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What Factors Determine The Cost Of Email Marketing?

|The cost of an email marketing campaign depends on several factors. These include:

1. Present Email List Quality:

You can get a lot of attention and business with email marketing, but if your list is inactive it will be difficult for you to achieve the best results.

You can get a lot of attention and business with email marketing, but if your list is inactive it will be difficult for you to achieve the best results.

Thankfully, there are several tools you can use to make sure your email isn’t going to waste. Kickbox is one such tool that helps identify faulty addresses and inactive subscribers so they don’t end up getting sent unwanted messages or spamming others!

Below is the cost of each of these services.


You can get 100 verifications for free with Kickbox. Once you have verified the subscribers’ email addresses, here are the fees you can expect:

Number of Verifications


5mm verifications $2,500
1mm verifications $1,500
500k verifications $1,000
250k verifications $750
100k verifications $400
50k verifications $250


For more information check on Kickbox pricing.


NeverBounce is an email verification service that lets you verify the rate at which they send out emails. The more Verifications, the lower price per verification! Here’s what you can expect to pay: 

Number of Verifications


Up to 10mm verifications $0.001/email
Up to 3mm verifications $0.0025/email
Up to 1mm verifications $0.003/email
Up to 250k verifications $0.004/email
Up to 100k verifications $0.005/email
Up to 10k verifications $0.008/email


For those looking to verify 100k emails, the price per email is only $0.004 or just under 40 cents! For more information about this service check out the NeverBounce calculator on confirming targets – it will show how much you can save by going with them instead of another company in your industry’s rates.


BriteVerify offers a variety of discounts to fit any company’s needs. The more emails you verify every month, the cheaper it will be for your business! They also have tiered rates depending on how many verifications attempts each day/weekend etcetera count as well so there’s no need to worry about getting stuck with an expensive plan just because it’s time-sensitive – they’ve thought ahead and made sure everyone can take advantage regardless their volume level (or lack thereof).

Number of Verifications


1mm – 2 mm $0.005/email
500k – 1mm $0.006/email
250k – 500k $0.008/email
0-250k verifications $0.01/email


The pricing for verifying 100k email addresses is $0.01/email or 1000 dollars, but you can check out BriteVerify’s price calculator to see what their rates are in more detail before investing!

Cleaning your email list at least once every three months will ensure a high-quality email list.

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2. Design Complexity Of Emails:

You will have to pay a higher price if you want to send intricate emails. To make sure your emails stand out, it’s important to get the right template. There are many different types of email templates available from which you can choose–some with a flat fee or an hour-based pricing system depending on what works best for how often they’ll be used in an individual campaign (for example One Service charges $899 per basic plan). Your costs will increase as your email design gets more complex.

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3. Campaign Frequency:

When you’re sending out emails, the frequency of your campaign will impact how much it costs. For example, if one monthly newsletter is cheaper than weekly blast messages then this could be because there’s only a small number involved in each transaction and less data needs to be stored or transported across networks which saves time/money on printing materials.

How Much To Charge For Email Marketing

That’s a lot more affordable! If you pay $0.03 per recipient and send to 100k subscribers, your monthly email costs would be around 3k. But if we’re talking about sending weekly emails for this price? You can expect to spend 12 thousand dollars on just one month’s worth- not wrong right? You will pay more for email services if you send more emails.

4. Platform You Use:

Email marketing costs will be determined by the email platform you choose. Here are a few options to consider.



Constant Contact Starting at $20/month
Campaign Monitor $9/month to $759/month
GetResponse $15/month to $999/month
Hubspot Free basic option
ActiveCampaign Starting at $9/month
Infusionsoft Starting at $199/month
Mailchimp Free to $199/month
Salesforce Pardot Starting at $1,000/month

Final Words:

When thinking about which email platform is right for your business, you must take the time to research each option and decide what will work best. There are many pros of using a certain service over another; however, no one-size-fits-all solution when sending emails or creating an account with any company!

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