Nowadays, there are so many different ways to create a portfolio for your copywriting work. But where should it go? 

What’s the best way of displaying all that hard work and creativity you’ve put into making an impressive list of satisfied clients? 

Well, luckily I have just what could be the perfect solution! In my guide, I will teach how important this part can become if done incorrectly or not mastered from day one.

Most importantly when trying out new techniques on potential customers who might require more time than others before they’re ready.

What Is A Copywriting Portfolio?

A copywriter’s best asset is their words, and a well-curated collection of written pieces can do wonders to showcase this.

It shows potential clients the writing that you can do, and what previous customers say about your work as in any other professional or personal portfolio. 

It should contain all types from long-form pieces (such as articles) to short-form ones such as adverts which might range from being formal to more informal depending on the tone required by a particular client

In addition, it may also include images/graphics used within posts e.g., infographics – these would help enhance readability for readers.


What Should Be Included In Our CopyWriting Portfolios?

1- Articles

The most important thing to include in a copywriting portfolio is your articles. This is the best way to show off your writing skills and demonstrate your ability to write compelling content. Before writing articles, do deep research on different article niches available and check what interests you the most. 

Choose the best articles you have written, whether for clients or for personal projects.

2- Content Writing For Social Media

With the rise in popularity of social media, it is essential to include a post about your services or product on at least one platform. 

It can be difficult for businesses with smaller followings and less exposure time thus ensuring you have something that stands out from other companies vying for attention! 

As such make sure each piece has some form of engagement – likes/followers etc.- which shows off how great their customer service really might be through increased views. 

By choosing posts based upon these metrics as well as looking out online long enough they should come up with trumps every single time; focus firstly where there’s been most interest.

3- Samples Of SEO CopyWriting 

A great way to show off your SEO skills is by including a copywriting sample with content that has been optimized for search engines. You should use keywords seamlessly and make it easy to read too!

In addition, you may be able to outsource some of the heavy liftings in these tasks through writing tools such as INK or even hire an experienced professional who specializes in this particular field if needed.

4- Ad Copy

It’s time to show off your persuasive writing skills. You can do more with less by combining visuals and a sure message that hits home when it comes down to short ad copy! 

When picking out which brand or campaign you want as an example, make sure the popularity is there first before going any further. 

It is because adding samples from other sources will only help improve credibility but still keep those google ads coming in for inspiration too. 

They’re always a good enough reason why people need whatever product/service is being advertised on their website right now anyway

5- Guest Post

Guest posts are a great way to build authority and establish your own voice. 

They can also be useful when you want the high-authority site’s audience, which trusted sources like Forbes has assembled around them 

As said earlier, blogging creates an opportunity for establishing one’s credibility in writing copy that speaks directly towards those who consume content online. 

How To Make An Amazing Copywriting Portfolio

1- Choose Various Copywriting Samples

Make sure that your portfolio contains a diverse assortment of work. 

You don’t want to overwhelm employers with too much, but at the same time, you should make it count by using good quality content and avoiding low-quality or amateurish efforts in order to impress them from start!

You can show off your versatility with the following types of copywriting samples: 

1) Humorous and Serious Pieces – 

You’ve got a sense of humor or you’re dealing with life-changing events? Just be sure that it shows in what you write. Funny quotes are great for both categories! 

2.) B2B and B2C Writing Samples – Show how well versed (or unversed!) on business practices we really are by providing some content targeted at these audiences now too; maybe something about an upcoming event would do nicely here.

3). Short Form Content like eBooks/ Printed Mags etc., depending upon length requirements

2- Mention Different Types Of Work

Copywriting is a versatile skill, which means you should have diverse samples in your portfolio. 

For example, if I was looking for work as an SEO specialist my additions would include different types of content like press releases and product descriptions from various industries—not just fashion blogs! 

The point here: to show adaptability by including both general industry-related pieces.

Narrowing down what kind of copywriters’ jobs are shown can make them seem more skilled than someone offering their services across multiple fields without many specializations.

3- Present Your Copywriting Portfolio on Several Platforms

Hosting your copywriting portfolio on several platforms can be both an advantage and disadvantage.  

For example, if you’re looking to show off creative ideas or have a laid-back audience that isn’t impressed by strict professionalism then Pinterest might not work for you as well.

It is because their style of design does tend more towards the casual side than others’ do.

For B2B marketers who need recommendations from clients before they start new projects (a key part in winning business), having access via LinkedIn’s professional network makes sense. 

Since those connections will always come first whenever there is some kind of trouble between parties, but at the same time it might make things less stressful trying out different sites just yet

4- Forward Your Samples Directly to the Clients

You can make more money by taking your samples directly to the client. 

Rather than waiting for them to find you, take it upon yourself to improve their website copy and email marketing campaigns with a few well-crafted words! 

You’ll be surprised how much better things will look when there is no longer any need for searches or lost customers because potential clients are able to see exactly what they’re getting themselves into before committing time investment in contacting someone at one of these companies


So what does a copywriter portfolio look like? Real, concrete examples of your work are key when you’re applying to be one. 

Employers want proof that they can trust and see how well-versed in the field of marketing or advertising are YOU?! 

Be sure to include as many pieces from here on out–from blog posts all way down those unused Facebook Live videos!–so there’s no question about where this person spends their time writing!

And if you want to improve your copywriting skills then check this blog out.

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