Do you see a lot of well-known blogs on the Internet? Do you want to start a blog because you’ve heard it’s a great way to make an income? 

Many bloggers have now become millionaires, and if you are in the right blog niche, chances are, you have an amazing opportunity to build a digital income stream.

If you want to start your blog and build a following, you not only need to be a good writer but genuinely know what you are talking about. However, like any other business, not all blog niches will help you stand out.

Some blog niches such as medical advice or anti-vax can be highly controversial. Therefore for success in this field, it is important to choose a niche that is growing fast, has little competition but can provide a large enough audience to make a good return on your investment.

We have collected a list of what we believe are the top seven blog niches that generate the best profit.


The Best Blogging Niches for Making Money and Getting Traffic

  • Sewing

Sewing and knitting are very popular on Pinterest. As a visual blogging platform that feeds people’s creativity and is mostly used by women, sewing can be a great topic to generate curiosity. Ashleigh of Sewrella, a stay-at-home mom and crochet designer, started her sewing blog and now makes more than $10,000 thanks to advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling her patterns on Etsy. 

  • Parenting Blog

Parenting is one of the most lucrative blogging topics in the world. Every year, millions of parents become couples and most of them turn towards the internet for quick help and guidance. Consider the enormous amount of children’s items such as clothes, food, and toys associated with this sector and it’s not hard to see how money can be made.

If you are able to build trust and authority in this blog niche, parents will be more than happy to buy your promoted products and services, rather than from the big-box chains. 

  • Health and fitness 

Health and wellness are a huge online market, and one of the best places to start a blog is in this space.  Health, fitness, and well-being are the buzzwords for Generation Z and they actively look for content more than perhaps any other. Therefore, if you have the expertise and knowledge in this blog niche, there is a lot of long-term passive income to be generated. Jessica of Easy Living Today is a mother who enjoys healthy eating and being active.

She focuses on assisting other parents through her blogs. Jessica claims she pulls in $12,000 each month through her blog, although she recently stated that she makes up to $20,000 each month if you add promotions and other partnerships. That’s incredible!

  • Lifestyle 

A lifestyle blog is a popular blog that covers a variety of topics. These blogs are usually geared toward one specific demographic: new moms, college students, or pet owners for example. While some bloggers insist you need to focus on a single blog niche, others have proved this is not always the case. 

You don’t have to be a celebrity or a famous person to make money on a lifestyle topic! Ashli is one of the most popular bloggers in her niche. She owns the Million Dollar Mama blogs, which cover topics such as recipes, blogging, and travel. A stay-at-home millennial mother who loves to blog about being a parent and shares all her experiences with the world. 


  • Frugal Living

One of the most popular blog topics on Pinterest is related to tricks and tips that help to save money? There are several enormous group boards dedicated to frugal lifestyle bloggers. Everyone from students and young professionals to single parents and grandparents is looking for clever ways to save money.

If you can guide people on how to save on car insurance or home maintenance or buy better groceries at cheaper prices, they’ll love you, share your content and always listen to your recommendations. That alone is a great way to generate long-term passive income from the blog niche.

  • Newborn

Aren’t newborns just so adorable and precious? They are also very expensive! From pampers and bottles to strollers and carriers, newborn babies demand a lot of time and money.  Millennial parents flock to online blogs to learn everything they need to know about newborn babies. Most parents want to make sure they can give their newborn the best of everything and they don’t want to spare any expenses.

This on its own, makes it a great blog niche to make money. Caroline of Swaddles n’ Bottles is one of the best bloggers in the newborn niche with earnings of more than $11,000 every month. 

  • Christian Blogs

Many people go online not only to solve a problem but also to connect with others on a deeper level. Christian blog Arabah Joy has amassed a devoted following made up of people who adore her words of advice. Only a few years ago, no one could have imagined that religion and spirituality could be lucrative blog niches. Arabah Joy earns over $6,000 each month, the bulk of which comes from eBook sales, printed materials, and affiliate marketing.


How to Make a Blog Popular 

Reading about all these different niches and how much some top bloggers earn is pretty exciting. If you look deeper, there are certain similarities between all profitable bloggers:

  • Many bloggers love what they write about.

You can tell they’re passionate about what they write about. They love talking about home décor or craft projects. It’s important to focus on what inspires your creativity when you consider starting a blog. What hobbies do you like to do the most, and can you turn them into a money-making website?

  • They have a clear understanding of the subject they’re discussing. 

These bloggers are well-versed in their fields. They’ve had prior experience with them or picked it up along the way. It’s easy for readers to spot a fake or someone who is just copying ideas from someone else.

  • Many popular blogs utilize affiliate marketing as a primary revenue source.

    You may be tempted to write an eBook or build a digital product, however, the majority of bloggers simply blog and work on affiliate marketing. This ensures that they spend more time on writing, researching, and promoting blogs. The time and money saved are well-spent on promoting ready-made digital products.


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