Mobile is taking over the world, but what does this mean for affiliate marketing and advertising?

The mobile world is the dominant realm for all of digital life. It’s no surprise that there are now over six billion users worldwide, and this number only continues to grow!

We no longer need to rely on the old-fashioned horseback riding and bird chasing system. We make a quick group chat, send whatever we want by some social media channel—and wait for our friend’s response! But that’s beside the point.
The future is now in front of us: chatting with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger instead; communicating through Instagram Stories rather than emails while wearing outfits that show off your style points (and stay true even when posting from bed).

With the rise of mobile traffic, it’s time to get creative with your advertising. Mobile affiliate marketing is an effective and innovative way for businesses, large or small; all they have are links.

What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing?

Mobile affiliate marketing is a growing industry that has grown to meet the demand for mobile users. This specialized form of performance advertising developed as an answer, like apps, responsive websites, and the internet on phones. There are so many people using them now!

In the early days of affiliate marketing, advertisers focused heavily on the desktop. But as technology advanced and became more accessible to everyone through smartphones. They were only available beginning in 2007-2008; this shifted focus towards mobile internet usage habits for marketers who wanted their ads seen by potential customers where they were browsing online at any given moment: namely those smartphones!

The internet has become increasingly mobile. It means that people spend more time browsing their phones rather than using desktops or laptops for everything they do online.
Some research suggests as much as 80% of all Net traffic now occurs while you’re traveling through cellular networks!

The smartphone has become an essential part of our lives. We can’t go anywhere without it, and yet most people don’t realize that their phones are also constantly tracking them – recording every move for marketers to consume to make ads more appealing by knowing what consumers want before they do

The mobile market is expanding, and mobile affiliate marketing is quickly becoming the most lucrative revenue stream for affiliate marketers.

Best Mobile Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to starting with mobile traffic, three websites will get you on your way: Google Ads (GA), Facebook, and Instagram. These sites have been proven as some of the best ways for beginning entrepreneurs because they offer low ad costs while still providing high-quality results!

The mobile revolution is truly taking off. Mobile devices now account for more than half of all internet browsing time. That number will only grow as people rely on their smartphones to check email to conduct business transactions. When choosing your next affiliate network, there are infinite variety options, but don’t forget about app affiliates!

The mobile affiliate market has seen explosive growth in the last few years. It’s important to be aware that different programs are available for this platform, including app-based ones with referral incentives! The best thing you can do as an advertiser or publisher owner is research which ones fit your needs before signing up – don’t just take any offer coming across Facebook without doing some due diligence first.

The mobile affiliate marketing industry is booming; all you need to do is test, analyze and optimize.

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Affiliate World

Mobile affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your website. The pros of this method far outweigh the cons. Still, it requires some technical knowledge and design skills for you or others on staff at an organization. To use these strategies effectively, they can generate revenue from their sites through ads displayed by companies like Facebook Ads Manager, which will pay users who click those buttons after being clicked many times per day!


  • Less competition: Mobile affiliate marketing offers an exciting opportunity for marketers looking to make their mark in this new and innovative space. The technical barriers of mobile advertising mean that it’s not crowded like traditional forms, making your advertisement stand out amongst all others!
  • Ever-growing: The future is here, and it’s all about smartphones! Mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers as people spend more time online. There’s no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon either-in America alone, one out of three adults own a smartphone with an average usage rate of over 8 hours per day (that would be pretty impressive if we could do that)
  • More targeting options: There are many types of targeting options that you can choose from when advertising on a mobile app. These include a carrier, internet connection type, location, device type, operating system preference(s) such as iOS or Android, and more specific details about how people have interacted with your business in the past. For instance, if they opened an email campaign, this will help inform future messages sent out through those means only!


  • Not enough tools: There are not as many tools for establishing yourself in mobile affiliate marketing. For example, there’s no easy app creation process like with website builders such as WordPress or the rest (But the good news is you’ll always have a tracker).
  • Design challenges: With the ever-growing demand for online accessibility, it is not surprising that many affiliate marketers are struggling to keep up with design trends. With a lack of easy tools and templates designers can use in their ad production process, most affiliates find themselves lost or without the equipment needed for this task.
  • Smaller platforms: Designing a website or ads for mobile platforms is no easy task. For this reason, many affiliates lack the necessary tools that would otherwise facilitate their work and make it easier on them. There are such an overwhelming number of options available if you’re new to doing these things yourself.

Final Thought

Affiliate marketing for smartphone users is not just about posting links. The key to success with affiliate programs on smartphones lies in being creative, engaging, and providing value-driven content that your audience will love!

You’ll need a lot of industry knowledge and some technical expertise. But you’ve always got to start somewhere, so why not now with the advertising model for future success?

Mobile affiliate marketing is an exciting and ever-changing industry. Using a tracker like Voluum will offer you sufficient support in all your testings, analysis, and optimization pursuits on this path to success.

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