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Chrome has some brilliant extensions that will help you make your web browsing faster, simpler and more enjoyable. We’ve compiled ten of our favorites into this list so take a look!


Earth View gives you a random satellite image from Google Earth every time you open the new tab page. It also tells where it is located, so that if for some reason your internet connection goes down then all is not lost- just go back to this extension and see what else has been discovered! Of course, like any other ‘New Tab’ extension on Chrome Web Store, there are many different ones worth trying out but we’ve found ourselves coming back again and again because ours was one of those which made us feel at home straight away; especially with its impressive collection.”


Your online scholarship application has been a tough one to fill out, you started filling and hit your back button by mistake? You need not worry, fortunately, you’ve got Lazarus on your side. The program automatically saves all of the data from this form before it gets lost in cyberspace!


Black Menu is a small pop-up window at one side of your browser that gives you access to Gmail, Google Maps, and even YouTube while viewing other web pages. The extension also allows users an easy way to keep track of their email activities without having to open multiple tabs or leaving it until later when they might be able to have time for this task. You can even dig through Drive files from within Blackmenu with no need to go back out again!

Hola Better Internet

Hola Better Internet is here to make your internet experience better. This extension can bypass firewalls, so you are able to watch Netflix and other blocked content even in a country that censors the web. It also has huge potential for censorship-free browsing around the world–especially when it comes down to government interference!

All these benefits come at a little cost too; just one click enables all functions so there won’t be any trouble downloading anything while traveling abroad anytime soon…or ever again.


This extension is a must-have for anyone who loves to write. It can check your grammar as you type, and even gives feedback on what tone of voice would be best for different scenarios! For instance, it will tell you how formal or informative an email might sound in order to make the recipient feel more at ease with reading through their inbox. 

This extension intuitively checks for grammatical errors as you are typing something while using Chrome or any other app on your laptop. For example, it helps to proofread emails and blog comments; Quora answers and tweets (and the list goes on). This makes sure that your writing is typo-free – saving time in more ways than one! With this feature comes many others including suggesting articles or commas at just the right spot so they’re never missed again; correcting sentences when we get too distracted by how well-written everything else seems out loud… All of its features are available in a free version too so there’s no need to worry about losing anything by trying it out – just do it now. 

Email Finder

Email Finder is a great way to find the email address for any domain you’re looking at. Whether it be sales outreach, guest blogging opportunities or just knowing who’s behind that small website. Email Finder is a clever tool for reps and marketers to save time when looking up potential contacts at companies. It automatically yields verified emails associated with that domain, making it an absolutely brilliant way of sales outreach or marketing campaigns!


Click & Clean is the perfect solution for anyone who spends hours browsing through work material and downloading files during their day. With this easy-to-use extension, you can simply click one button to clear your history or cookies without having to go back into Chrome every time there’s an internet connection problem! The program also scans computers for viruses which helps keep them running smoothly as well.

Screencastify-Screen Video Recorder

Recording videos is never easy, but it’s so much easier when you have Screencastify! The super cool extension lets anyone create tutorials and courses on any topic they want in just one place. There are also 5-minute limits for free users–if someone wants unlimited recording time then they’ll need to pay $49 per year which isn’t bad at all considering how many other tools out there cost way more than that amount every month or year respectively.

Click Up

With ClickUp, you can organize and manage all of your tasks in very effective ways. With a single replacement for 5 different extensions like Tasks & Email (which are each replaced by their individual features), time tracking emails, notepad/timer functionality-and screenshot capability too! You get all this plus:

You’re free to create workspace layouts with ease as well–not just one big list but mini-workspaces; simply choose what best suits how YOU prioritize things. Whether it’s digging deep on an issue at hand then filing away those related details later when they need attention again

Dashlane: Password Manager

Dashlane is a password manager that saves you from the hassle of remembering all those duplicate passwords. Dashlane can be used on Chrome as an extension, where it will automatically log in when opened and store login details for each website so users don’t have to go through any hassles while working online. Using sync features between devices like phones/tablets or laptop computers facilitates easy access across different platforms without having multiple accounts tied into them at once – not even Facebook stores its own secrets inside!

Final Words

Google Chrome is seen as one of the best browsers that supports all these extensions. These are the best chrome extensions that have been able to help people to be more productive. It does what the traditional browsers have not been able to do.  These best chrome extensions we mentioned are one of the useful ones and they can be used for other browsers like Firefox or Safari – but take note: It gets frequent updates with new features first! Get more tips on our website.


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