Definition Of A Life Map

A life map is a visual representation of all the key moments in time that have shaped who you are, regardless of whether they were happy or sad occasions.

You can also think of a life map as a graphical representation of your life, starting from your birth and going up until the present day. It can include any event, milestone, or experience that has made an impact on your life.

Many people don’t know what their own “life moment” looks like until later on down the line when trying desperately hard enough to find out where everything went wrong!

Let’s take some time now…to learn something about how to trace back our steps, plan for the future and understand our life story up until this point.

How To Create A Life Map

There isn’t a single right way to make a life map, as everyone will be unique to them. However, there are some key steps that you can follow to create your own. It’s as easy as coming up with a blog name. 

What Are The Requirement?

For you to come up with a good life map, you need the ideal paraphernalia for the job. Here are some of the things you need;

  • A piece of paper or canvas
  • A pen or pencil
  • Some colored pens or crayons
  • A good memory to remember what happened
  • Time and patience.

5 Simple Steps of Creating Your Life Map

1. Start by identifying the key moments in your life. You need to number them right from the beginning, starting from those that happened at the youngest age you can remember.

2. Draw a big circle on the paper/canvas. Place the key moments at specific points in the circle, using either dates or relative age (e.g. “age 10-13”). It’s always good to use different colors so that you can easily identify different stages in your life.

3. Once you have plotted all of the key moments, it’s time to start filling in some details! This is where things can get really interesting, as you can add as much or as little information as you like.

Some people might want to include what they were feeling at the time, while others might just want to write a brief description of what happened.

4. Link the different moments using lines. This will help you know how one event has led to another. It will also help you to see any patterns that have emerged in your life.

5. Finally, once you have finished your drawing, take some time to reflect on it. What did you learn about yourself? What surprised you? How do you feel now that you have seen everything in one place?

You can put your map somewhere where you can see it regularly and reflect on your progress!

Sharing it with others can also be helpful, as it allows you to talk about your life with others and get some valuable insights.

The Benefits Of A Life Map

There are many benefits of creating a visual timeline, and here are just a few:

  • It can help you to see your life story up until this point.
  • You can identify the key moments that have shaped you into the person you are today.
  • It helps you identify any patterns that have emerged in your life.
  • It can be a useful way to communicate your life story with others.
  • You can use it to plan for your future
  • You can use it as a form of self-care.

The list doesn’t end there, as there are many other benefits of creating a life map. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how you will use your map and what benefits you hope to gain from it.

How To Use Your Life Map

There are many ways in which you can use your life map, and here are some ideas:

  • Look back on your life and reflect on the different stages you have been through.
  • Understand how your past has influenced your present.
  • Use it to make decisions about your future.
  • Track your progress over time.
  • Document important events and milestones.
  • Identify patterns in your life.
  • Use it as a tool for self-care.
  • Share it with your friends and family.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using a life map, so experiment and find out what works best for you!

What Should A Life Map Include?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone’s life map will be unique to them. It isn’t like creating a startup website for your business.

Even so, there are some key things that you might want to consider including:

  • The date or age of each key moment.
  • The emotions you were feeling at the time.
  • A brief description of what happened.
  • The impact that each moment has had on your life.
  • How the different moments are linked together.
  • Anything else that you find valuable!

Some Tips When Drawing A Life Map

life map







Before you pick that piece of paper to start drawing your life map on, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Use a large piece of paper or canvas, as you will have plenty of space to fill in details.
  • Get creative with the way you layout your life map.
  • Also, get creative with how you use the colors. For instance, you can use the colors based on what you were wearing or to represent the emotions attached to that time.
  • Labeling each stage of your life is a great way to help keep track of everything.
  • Don’t be afraid to add in extra details! The more information you include, the more valuable your life map will be.
  • Enjoy the process of creating your life map – it can be really therapeutic!

Common Mistakes When Drawing A Visual Timeline

If you thought that only amateur bloggers make mistakes, think again! Mistakes happen in all spheres of life – even when drawing a life map! Here are some common mistakes that people make when creating one:

  • Focusing too much on the negative moments. As much as you have to include the negative moments of your life, it’s important to also focus on the positive!
  • Not including enough detail. Keep in mind that what you remember now may not be what you remember in 10 or 20 years, so include as much detail as possible.
  • Not linking the different moments together. This can make it difficult to follow your life story.
  • Not including the emotions you were feeling at the time. This can help understand yourself better.
  • Copying someone else’s life map. Yours should be unique to you, much like your personal blog, so don’t try and copy someone else’s!


So, now you know all about life maps and how to create one! What are you waiting for? Grab a piece of paper and get started!! As mentioned earlier, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can include in your map, so be creative and have fun with it! And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process!

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