Shadowbanning is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals on social media? But, unfortunately, anyone can fall victim and fail to notice it. Shadowbanning happens when an individual or brand is blocked from seeing content posted by other users, including new posts and some comments.

They’re still able to see content posted by friends and followers of their account, but they might not be able to see anything posted on their account. This article will explain what shadowbanning is and how it affects you as a user on social media.  You also get to learn more ways to avoid future shadowbanned.

Where Can Shadowban Happen?

Shadowbanning can happen on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on social media platforms. To shadowban someone, the platform’s algorithm changes their visibility somehow. The goal of shadowbanning is to make it so that users can no longer interact with content posted by a brand or company.

This makes posting from your account less effective because people might not see your posts. That is if a shadowbanned individual has followed them. As a business owner, there are ways through which you can avoid falling victim to shadowbanning on social media. 

How Do You Avoid Being Shadowbanned?

Follow these tips to avoid falling victim.

Use a Different E-mail Address

Although they may not realize it, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter constantly watch your account to ensure it’s not spreading spam or engaging in other problematic behavior.

If you use one email address for your account, the company can see that account as an email address used for spamming. Try using a different email address for each social media account to avoid this problem.

If you are going to post your stuff from a different email, Don’t do this. Instead, post anything regularly; through this way, you will not be shadowbanned when someone else uploads from a different email.

Use a VPN or Other Security Software

Spoofing your IP address using proxy sites is also an excellent way to get around being shadowbanned. Just make sure that the security software you’re using protects your IP address, identity, and location. Unfortunately, much free Software doesn’t accomplish this goal, so consider getting some VPN security to automatically clear any Facebook or Twitter entanglement due to connections with spamming accounts or accounts under review.

Don’t Engage in Behavior That Could Get You Shadowbanned

The best way to avoid being shadowbanned on social media is by avoiding problematic behavior from the start. This includes foul language, derogatory comments about race or gender, and posting links to sites that spread spam or contain illegal content.  Also, avoid liking posts very quickly.

Be cautious of every action you undertake in social media. Don’t be so social or engage in quick actions on your friend’s or followers’ posts. It all starts with you being responsible and watching out for anything that would make you a victim.

Engage in Conversations With Other Users (Instead of Just Posting)

To avoid getting shadowbanned, you can practice engaging in conversations with other users on social media. Although it can be difficult, keep an open mind at all times. Listen to what people say before posting replies and discussing your post or timeline.

You’ll be more likely to stay out of trouble if you’re talking instead of just posting!

To avoid shadowban issues, it’s important to take other precautions. The best preventative measure is knowing the Terms of Service for each social media network because each network has a different policy.

For example, even though one type of comment might accidentally get reported by another user or removed by the Software itself. Sometimes “cursed” those behind Facebook contenmight detect words and Twitter’s sites as inappropriate or related to harmful attacks. If not coded on the complaint, this will result in an account suspension or shadowban” made via a mailed report to their staff ( assigned employees). Software deletes inappropriate comments without human review used here sometimes.”

Common Reason for Shadowbanning

There are many reasons why your account could be shadowbanned. They can range from spamming the platform to violating Facebook’s terms of service. Here are a few common reasons why people get shadowbanned. 

  • You’re posting too often. Posting on social media can get you banned for spamming because you’re disrupting the feed for other users. It may also get more challenging to increase your audience if you keep posting too much. So keep an eye on how often you post and ensure that your posts are always valuable and worth reading.
  • You’re using inappropriate content. If your content uses illegalities, violence, or hate speech, it will be automatically shadowbanned. You’ll not even get any notification or warning. Also, avoid posting lousy language or derogatory comments about race or gender.
  • Avoid posts focusing on other users either by their race, details or ways of life. One should do away with anything undermining personal freedom.
  • You’re violating Facebook’s terms of service
  • You’re posts are spammy

Ways to Fight Back Against a Shadowban

If you think you might be shadowbanned, there are ways to fight back against it. The following steps will help you restore your visibility:

  • Change your username or profile picture. This will help increase the chances that people will notice your account.
  • Change your cover photo and background image. Users who do not pay attention to social media often overlook these items. Therefore they won’t see them as quickly as other items on your profile.
  • Change your avatar or logo. Some brands don’t have an easily visible avatar. This makes it more difficult for them to get an online notification. You can change this by choosing a different one of these items to feature on your profile picture.
  • Remove all of the content from your posts. This applies to comments from friends and followers of the account in the “Ignore” list. If they do not see posts all of a sudden, they’ll quickly realize something is off with their account. Therefore, they will reach out to ask why things aren’t going right anymore (or at least know what’s happening).


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