Sometimes, the hardest part of being a freelance writer is coming up with new article ideas and Brainstorming can be frustrating and time-consuming!

Luckily there are tons of ways to get creative if you’re stuck in your head but need some inspiration quickly.

Just remember that whatever method works best for YOU may not work as well on someone else so try out different ones until someone clicks.

What Is Writer’s Block and How to Stop It?

When you get writer’s block, it can be hard to know what the problem is. Sometimes we just need some encouragement and inspiration!

For that, there are lots of things that might help push us back into reporter mode when our creativity has died down too much.

Try These Hacks To Give Your Articles More Fire Than Ever Before

For Starters: 

1) Pitch an idea or two for stories on subjects near & far away from home

2) Get out there with friends

3). Ask strangers questions.

Tricks To Generate More Ideas for Your Article

If you find yourself stuck, take a look at these tips from the pros to get back on your feet.

Decide Your Niche

If you’re a freelance journalist, it’s useful to specialize in a niche early on. Writing about your own blog or for other publications related subjects will help create an identity that editors can easily identify with when looking at potential story ideas they might get covered within their publication

The tone should remain conversational while also giving insight into how this helps improve one’s career prospects as well

Read a Lot

As a writer, it is your job to read as much writing from other sources that can inspire you. Whether reading pieces on the front page or small blogs about school board issues- keep looking for new voices and learn what they have created! This is the best way to broaden up your perspective on certain niches and much more.

Know Your Audience

The beauty of knowing your audience is that it allows you to gauge their interests and challenges. You can start by identifying what they want from a product or service, then create content based on those needs alone! This way you can come up with many article ideas based on their needs.

A great way for bloggers who have an idea but don’t know where their readers hang out online is, ask them questions like “What do we offer?” Or even better: “How might I help?”

This method not only helps generate new ideas, but you’ll also get input into the article itself which makes every post more personalized than ever before. This technique also helps you in being a persuasive copywriter because you know how to attract a particular part of your audience.

Start Putting Your Thoughts

Now it’s time to put your ideas on paper. You don’t need any editing here – just write down anything that pops into your mind! If you are working alone, this can be done during a self-scheduled session at the end of which there will probably still seem like too many possibilities for articles. However, if others want involvement as well, they’ll have plenty of chances throughout their daily lives (such as through apps) where creativity is needed.

Use Google Suggestions

You know that feeling when you’re on Google and it suggests related keywords? Well, this is a similar idea but for brainstorming sessions with your team. For example, schedule an hour-long meeting to talk about what customers might need as they progress through different stages of their journey (like the signup process or purchase). You can do some light Googling by keying in certain words from these suggestions—that should give good content!

This will also help you in coming up with new blog names that you might find tiring.

Some Never-Ending Article Ideas

Write Advice Columns

If you’re struggling to come up with fresh content, try starting an advice or self-help column. This will give your readers someone they can trust who gives them practical solutions and encouragement every day of the week! Have any ideas on how best to go about it? Go for it!

For example, you can start writing on how to start your digital business? Or much more for helping others.

Cover Trending Topics

In the current climate of intense news media scrutiny, it is more important than ever for freelancers to stay on top of trends. By perusing trending stories across social media websites you can make sure your content doesn’t go unnoticed by a wider audience and be prepared with ideas when breaking new ground in an already saturated industry!

Whether you want to write about current events or anything else for that matter – trending topics on social media websites are an excellent place to start your research. You can find lists of the most popular stories each day so it’s easier than ever before!

Seek for Personal Stories

You can find all sorts of stories in your everyday life that need telling. There are always people who have amazing experiences and we should be looking out for them! If you write a piece about someone’s personal experience with something (like nursing), they will feel more connected than if it was just another news article on social media where everyone else posted their daily updates too- because this person went through these struggles themselves so now those words resonate even further.

Personal stories are a great way to get away from the same old news cycle and write about people who might not otherwise be in the headlines. Seek out personal narratives whenever possible when seeking inspiration for nonfiction storytelling projects.

Write A Travel Story/Article

During your next road trip, consider writing a travel piece. You can take you anywhere across the United States and the world with freelance writing! If stranded in an unfamiliar place or if locals are more interesting than sports teams (which they probably will be), explore their culture by taking part in what makes them unique like visiting art galleries.

Learn about local food traditions such as tasting wines from vineyards near where we were staying – all while getting inspiration for future pieces on whatever topic interests us most right now!

How-to Articles

You can make a lot of money as a freelance writer by writing how-to articles. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your name out there, this is it!

A good place to practice new SEO techniques and build up some clientele is with these types of pieces since they always have readers who want step by steps on their favorite products or procedures that need explaining in language everyone understands (and maybe even copywriting tips too).


The key to coming up with article ideas is understanding your audience and what they want. There are tools available for generating quality, creative marketing campaigns or blog posts that are all based on an outline process that starts by listening closely in order to identify their interests and pain points. This allows you frauds a fraudulent way at least one good enough idea per brainstorming session!

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