Persuasive copywriting techniques are specific methods you use to convince a reader, through what and how we write (and also in our tone of voice), that they should buy your product or contribute money towards the cause.

Persuasive copywriting has a lot of elements that are specific to being persuasive. 

And these techniques aren’t complicated; they’ll appeal right away and make sense as you read them! 

In fact, anyone can learn how to use this form with some practice. 

So get started now because anyone could benefit from knowing what works when writing such compelling content for someone else’s website or email newsletter.

1- A Persuasive Copywriter Uses Conversational Tone

Everyone wants to feel valued. No one wants a faceless entity in their life, they want someone close and familiar with whom they can share adventures or talk about the day’s events. 

When you write as if your prospect was an old buddy from high school who had always been there for you. 

Even when it may have felt like he/she didn’t care at all then people will come away from reading those words feeling better about themselves because of how much meaning his message carried within its simplicity!

2- What’s In It or Your Audience?

As a persuasive copywriter, you have to use empathy and show the reader why they should care about you or your organization. 

Let them know that there are people out in this world who need help, but don’t just talk at them; take an active approach by telling stories of success with similar problems!

3- Highlighting Your Unique Value Proposition

Uniqueness is what sets you apart from the competition, and it’s important to be able to express this in writing as well. 

Your USP should always come down to something like “I’m going deliver my client more than any other freelancer”. 

Not only a persuasive copywriter will highlight these words to make them stand out among all others but also show that there really isn’t anyone else who can provide those services for this particular industry or niche of work at hand. 

It makes oneself seem much more desirable and trustworthy.

4- Use Your Imagination As A Persuasive Copywriter

The power of imagination has been scientifically proven. It’s not just for movies anymore! 

We know that when you think about something, your mind translates this into reality and vice versa. 

So if we want to ride Imagination like our own personal unicorn then all I can say is keep brainstorming with me because there are no limits on what might happen next.

5- Give Them Proof

A good persuasive copywriter will use evidence and logic to back up their claims, which prevents buyer’s or giver’s remorse in addition to appealing to the mind of readers as they find themselves believing anything you say because it’s backed by facts!  

The human brain has two sides: right-brain activity is associated with intuition/spontaneous creativity.

Left brain older sister coordinates Sequential Processes like logical thinking (more recent evolution). 

When writing persuasive content make sure both are satisfied. 

Offer expertise from statisticians alongside personal stories about why this is so important.

6- Offer a money-back guarantee

Offer a money-back guarantee to seal the deal. 

Your offer sounds appealing, but your prospects don’t know if they can trust you’ve been burned before and now need armor – so give them one!

The solution? A guaranteed 90-day calendar (or whatever time is necessary) return policy with unconditional refund options; this way both parties feel confident about their purchase decision because there’s an easy exit strategy for either party.

7- Raise Objections

The easiest way to make your voice sound more persuasive is by raising objections. 

If a persuasive copywriter can’t come up with any good argument, find something in favor of what the other person said and use that as an excuse for why they might be right too!

When you write a persuasive paper, it is important to provide both sides of the argument. One-sided arguments can quickly lead your audience into believing their own opposition and becoming resistant or even angry about what you’re saying!

8- Show Them Your Testimonial As Social Proof

As children, we were all told not to trust strangers. And as adults- well…we still have that mentality! To gain your prospect’s trust you must earn it. 

No one wants their hard-earned money snatched away from them so they look out for marketers who are providing what seems like an endless supply of information on where the said person can get benefited by simply clicking ‘buy now. 

Prospection likes double-checking everything before making any purchases which is why having compelling content with believable people singing its praises helps sell more products faster. 

You can even show your newspaper copywriting work too.

9- Engage With Your Audience By Telling Them Good Stories

The power of storytelling is undeniable. Stories provide the perfect opportunity to show, not tell. 

They allow you an unparalleled view into another person’s life and offer them as a vessel for your message with your amazing copywriting skills

In this case, one that would be more engaging than any dry statistic or list could ever hope to achieve on its own! 

As we all know from our everyday lives experience: it doesn’t take much these days (or at least nowadays) before someone will give up whatever task awaits him simply because “I don’t want.

10- Use Contrast Principle 

The contrast principle is a psychological phenomenon where we feel what our bodies are experiencing relative to other things. 

For example, if you put your hand in cold water versus room temperature and then move it into the same bucket of either hot or colder waters. 

There will be more sensations from those differing temperatures than just one specific feeling associated with being colder/warmer due to all its unique interactions within each individual system. 


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