Have you tried deciding on a content writing niche but feel stumped?

You’re not alone. There are hundreds of high-paying content writing topics that make this process difficult to pick. It’s common for people who have an idea, only change their mind five minutes later- let me help today!

With that being said, I know your struggle. Luckily for you, there are 10 unique content writing ideas with examples and ideas on how to excel in each area!

10 Content Writing Topics & Ideas


People always want their skin to look and feel better. However, they are on the go, so they can’t spend hours at home doing beauty routines that would take away from what’s important – being with family or friends! The best way for them is by reading interesting articles related to this field of knowledge which will give you tips about how to improve your self-esteem when it comes down to making yourself beautiful inside out…

Here are a few ideas on a skin-care routine

  • Why Your Skin Matters For Building Up Your Confidence
  • What Is The Best Skin Care Routine For Teenage Girls

And much more, just play around a little with your creative thoughts and you are good to go.

You can always write about skincare tips and the efforts will never go wasted because a number of people search for “skincare” or beauty solutions on the internet. Maintaining your own personal blog with helpful guidelines is an excellent idea to help increase traffic. It can also help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), or attract new followers who might be interested in what you have going up there – it’s no wonder why this field has become so popular!

Crypto Is the New Trend

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are two trending content writing topics of 2022.

One can write about the various doubts, facts, or myths that surround this new form for money like how to start investing in cryptocurrency;

News updates on what’s happening with Bitcoin today.

Influencers/investors who might be worth following if you’re interested at all!

There is also Trading blogs out there readymade just waiting for your needs :)

Write Reviews On Movies Or Books

People who want to kill time with their favorite activity of reading or watching movies, but don’t know what’s worth it should feel free at any moment in life as there will always be something new and exciting on offer. So, write about it in your blogs.

For instance, you can review like “One thing that can give you incredible entertainment value for your money isn’t just one type from our list! So before settling down into some long-lasting series like Game of Thrones (which we all enjoy), tinker around – try different genres such as Documentary & Thriller Films”

The reviews are a great way to get creative and share your thoughts with the world. If you’re looking for something new, try writing these types of posts! They’ll help encourage people who love reading them while also providing some entertainment value as well (even if they don’t agree 100%). It’s never been easier than now- all we need is an internet connection :)

Fashion Blog

Fashion and style have always been a big part of our culture, which is why online shopping platforms like Amazon or social media networks such as Instagram are so popular with people who love fashion. There’s more content available than what we share through web-based media though; it can be hard finding good new ideas for blog posts!

Style sites are a great place to start your online investigation into what’s hot this year. You can find inspiration for outfits, get advice on how to mix and match different items of clothing or accessories in order to make the ideal look – all while enjoying some top-notch photography!

Break-Ups And Relationships

Break-ups and relationships are for sure a hot topic. In the modern world, people are always on their phones and at work. This leaves them with little time for personal relationships which can make things difficult when trying to create a long-lasting partnership in today’s society

Here are a few examples of topics

  • How to move on?
  • Is your ex calling you again? Here’s what you should do

Or, you can discuss in your blogs how hard it is nowadays because of our busy lives coupled with low attention spans towards anything other than social media scrolling through your day.


The food blogging world is a very diverse and interesting community. There are those who love cooking, eating, or just reading about good meals. You have your bloggers writing thoughts on what they enjoyments in life–whether it be through photography (like taking pictures of everything from breweries to breakfast foods). Plus, even video filming trips abroad where he gets inspiration for new recipes!

There are so many different types of foods blogging. There are recipes and cooking, food reviews from all around the world that you can explore with your eyes or mouth (or both!). Also, there are ethical discussions about different cultures’ traditions related to mealtime dishes they serve up at home every day – even if it isn’t “special”, there will still be something fascinatingly insightful waiting for you!

Plus some photography galore too cause we love looking into our plates when they’re being served off them by someone who knows what makes good sense inside out.

Travel and Wanderlust

The world is like a book you have to travel in order for it not to be explanatory. Travel helps us find purpose and focus on what we want from our lives by opening up new experiences. It can be inspirational content writing topics such as traveling abroad or living somewhere different than your home country

Travel broadens the mind while providing personal growth opportunities which make these trips worth every ounce of effort put forth when planning them carefully beforehand!

You can write on this topic targeting a specific area at a single time. This will help you get more love and growth.


The need for spirituality has never been greater. The world is changing and people’s feelings, souls, or other aspects of their lives can often feel incomplete. The reason is, there is a lack of sense that there’s more out there to understand them than what meets the eye in day-to-day living chores like work, etc. This leads many towards searching through different religions/spiritualties until they find one where belonging feels natural rather than forced upon yourself. No matter how much time passes it will always remain difficult to find true peace within oneself when faced with so many choices available.

All of this makes spirituality a hot topic that people are always searching for.

Business Start-Ups

Dream Big, Start Small—but most essentially just start. That’s how one grows a business! So many people have started their own small businesses from the comfort of their homes. In today’s world, where salary does not suffice as cost-of-living goes up, starting your very first company brings you extra income that can help achieve any entrepreneurial dream we wish for ourselves.

Similarly, you can share many marketing tips to help these small businesses grow in less time. So, it is your time to share your thoughts and ideas on entrepreneurship or small businesses to bring more audience to your blog.

Celebrities Gossips

This topic always stays hot with a higher extent of people searching for it. The entertainment industry is built on a foundation of celebrity gossip. Whether it be about their love life, finances, or what they wear in public; audiences want to know everything. There’s an inch deep with these celebrities who have made us tune into every news cycle possible!

So, it is also a good idea to start a blog related to this topic.

Bottom Line

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of content options on the internet, then this list is just what we need. These Top 10 Content Writing Topics will help get your mind made up and give an idea for the next blog post! What is more amazing is that with content writing, you can also start your journey towards marketing copywriting as it is also a high-paying skill.

With all of the different blog platforms out on today’s market, it is easier than ever to start your own personal or business-related website. This will not only help increase traffic and rankings in SERPs but also attract new followers who might be interested in what you have going up there!

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