Have you ever asked yourself “what is high ticket digital marketing?” If yes, High ticket Digital Marketing is a high-volume, low-cost technique that has the potential to produce huge earnings on fewer sales.

When an affiliate uses this method, he or she sells products that are likely to generate more commission on their low sales. High-ticket items are those that earn at least $1,000 in commission from each sale.

High-ticket items are expensive and valuable products or services. They demand a significant investment of money but offer consumers a high return on their money.

Automobiles, jewelry, and high-end motorcycles are just a few examples. They might also be services such as coaching, webinars, and training. Alternatively, they could be any product or service that costs more than $1,000 but provides customers a lot of value.

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

what is high ticket digital marketing

A sales funnel is a sequence of activities that leads a potential customer or client to make a purchase decision. A high-ticket sales funnel, on the other hand, refers to a marketing technique that takes a customer from one step to the next until he or she makes an even more expensive purchase.

High-ticket funnels are a highly successful marketing strategy that, when used correctly, may earn you a lot of money. Your high-ticket funnel will convert if you properly utilize your sales funnel techniques; it has for many firms like us before.

Why Focus on High Ticket Digital Marketing Sales/Clients?

When asking yourself “what is high ticket digital marketing” it is important to also focus on the clients and sales.

In the realm of digital marketing, there are two types of client profiles. Those who are low-risk and low-reward and thus produce modest ticket sales, and those who are a high-risk and high-re reward.

Although a long-term business strategy might include low-ticket sales, an excessive number of them might slow down your development.

When dealing with clients on tight money, you’ll have to take on additional clients. You will then devise a plan for the number of sales needed to generate profit. In the end, this greatly increases your acquisition expenses.

The 6A Framework- Finding High Ticket Digital Marketing Clients By Mike Killen

After understanding the basics of what is high ticket digital marketing, Let’s look at your marketing funnel. It focuses on how you organize your consumer’s journey from the moment they learn about your service to when they buy it.

The sales funnel generally follows the pathway of leads, determining their goal of making a purchase and assisting them with the process.

During the awareness and interest phase, develop informative material that will trend on this platform.

Make sure you’re using the appropriate platforms and producing proper content and connections in your sales funnel. So, during the commitment phase, you might use LinkedIn to develop blog articles.

At this stage, feedback is essential since it demonstrates room for improvement and company development. That’s when we arrive at the 6A framework.

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing Sales Funnel- 6A Framework

In an interview with us, Mike Killen from Agency Guru discussed sales funnels, pricing, and more in a discussion that delved further into his 6A framework.

  • Audience

The 6A framework begins by addressing the “audience,” and you seek for a niche where your services/products are best suited. This target group can be found by talking to people in the sector and determining what the ideal client profile is.

You’ll be able to find a lucrative high-ticket audience in sectors like financial services, industrial services, healthcare equipment & services, and technology & software services.

  • Amount

Break down the amount you can offer your services into smaller units. To justify the amount you’ve chosen, emphasize to your leads how much value you’ll provide them.

Make sure you arrive at a number that includes factors like as time spent on client administration and overhead costs such as monthly subscription fees for tools and software.

  • Asset

Then, to transform your work process into a workflow, you must handle and optimize the ‘assets’ you’ll be using. This might entail replacing tools that are better suited to you by allowing you to automate routine activities.

You can find plenty of software designed for social media monitoring, project management, SEO, and automation from agencies. It also helps

  • Authority

Once you’ve determined the amount and assets, you must develop “authority” in your market. Long-form blog articles, videos, and other forms of information that assist your target audience solve their problems are all ways to do this.

Guest postings on prominent websites that link back to yours help build your reputation while interviews on reputable platforms help establish it

  • Attention& Action

The concept is to attract attention so that leads will come calling. Build a good reputation with your existing clients and you’ll have no trouble gaining new business. You may get started by working through client referrals and word of mouth.

What You Need To Know About High Ticket Digital Marketing For Sales Growth

what is high ticket digital marketing

Understanding what high ticket digital marketing entails is important and so is marketing. Every company must market its products or services to its consumers.

An affiliate marketing strategy is one in which a firm allows a third party to advertise its goods, which are then known as “affiliate items.” The affiliate, which is also known as an “affiliate,” uses his or her own marketing strategies to promote these affiliated goods.

Some associate networks have different agreements with distinct affiliate marketing firms, allowing the former to market their products by earning money on the sales of these third-party goods. An affiliate link is kept on the items to be promoted by a third party, and a portion of profit earned from the sale of these affiliate goods is paid.

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing-Traditional Method

The typical approach of Affiliate Marketing, as usually practiced, only profits on front-end sales. These transactions occur whenever a new consumer visits the website and purchases the initial item. When there is less traffic on the site, however, the chances of earning commission decline dramatically. As a result, you may observe a significant drop in total revenue.

High Commission Earnings With Fewer Sales

Low quantity, high-ticket affiliate marketing is a method that generates huge earnings from fewer sales. An affiliate uses it to market products that are likely to result in higher commission on their low purchases. High-ticket items are those that offer a commission of at least $1,000 or more on every sale.

High-ticket things include gold jewelry or high-end electronics. On the firm’s website, there are a variety of high-ticket items. Affiliates should be able to identify and increase sales for such goods.


The High-Ticket Affiliate digital Marketing approach differs from normal Affiliate Marketing in the sale of product sorts. Getting a few sales of high-ticket items is preferable to losing money on big product sales. As a result, you’ll need some expertise in evaluating high-ticket items that will improve your commission rate.

In High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, you’ll find that joining a reputable affiliate program is the correct path.

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